Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Eve

cramming in a five-seater with seven? DUI checkpoints? no way. walking down a mile+ with a group of seven only knowing one? yes please. Result? Found a party by walking before people driving found one, found a nice looking tree, tried to give directions with music on = fail, left that place, walked more, passed some cops, went to an apartment, meet new people, saw a dude dressed in a dress, gave directions without music on = success, left that place, walked more, parking lots, narrow passageways between houses and fences, backyards, found another nice looking tree, walked though a frat house, cut through a fence, into a crowd of people, got the guys taken care of, tapped out, left, walked more, almost got impaled in the liver (ironic) by a steel rod sticking up through the ground four feet high, jaywalked, got punched in the stomach by some chick passing by as I was getting out of her way to give her the sidewalk, back to first house, everyone outside, thought my friends were talking to an undercover cop but it was really just a religious guy, "Gumby!", "the nickel nickel nine!", "hey boys where are you costumes?", fooled that questioner with an Australian accent, snapped to Californian, then back to Australian as I said my goodbyes, totally blew her mind, walked more, passed people giving out free water bottles on the corners, 14 Hath = nothing, walked through campus, poly canyon, gypsum, relaxed with Forrest Gump then some Trueblood, "t bell? you down?", "you know it!", parked at the bk lounge, "two crunchy tacos," "$1.49 please," "sweet!," "192!," grubbed, learned a new rating system: the area code, practiced it at t bell, trash, walk, ride back, bitch, park, rooftop, elevator, football, entrance, "night!," apartment, fridge, water, shower, write.

Gotta love the eves.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the couch moment

the couch moment: (n/v) the moment when a third party or observer sees the start of a relationship between two people, and knows it will progress further; may or may not happen on a couch.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Epic Fail

Delayed procrastination did not work. I really should have been studying for accounting instead of writing the other night. The worst thing is when you take a test, walk out of the room and know you aced it, then come back two days later and see you failed it.


Move over STATS, it looks like Accounting is next for the top spot on my bitch list.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glimpse of Genius

"I wish my homework was a slut so it would find someone else to do it."

Cognitive Dissonance

Jett Trask
You wanna know what the difference is between you and me? Ya see, you wanna be the guy that creates the rocket ship that flies up to Mars. I wanna be the guy that steps foot on Mars.

Introducing the grandson of a legend.

A Deplorable World

Dermot Tomred
A new friend? There is no such thing as a new friend. Only new acquaintances and new enemies. In our profession, we don't have the luxury of friends. You can't trust people who think they're your friends, cause you never know what they want and which side of you they're friends with. It gets too messy and too complicated when you involve people who think they are your friends in the world we live and what we do. No friends. No families. No connections. No trail. Not now. Not ever. That's how we survive. That's how we do it. That's why you can't do it.

You have just been introduced to the newest character of the gallery.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

find the lie

I am a very good liar.

Is that a lie?


Wait, was that a lie?


Think about it. It may just make your head explode.

Delayed Procrastination

I should be writing right now instead of studying for my Accounting quiz tomorrow. Oh wait! I am writing right now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

answer the door

I have always believed that The Purpose chooses Someone. Someone cannot choose their own purpose, that is not how it works. Those that choose it, are those that fail at The Purpose because The Purpose did not choose them, they thought it did, but the truth is they chose it themselves. The only thing that Someone can do is to be open, aware, and receptive to The Purpose finding them; that is how it works. So if The Purpose comes knocking at your door at midnight, one in the morning, three in the morning, Someone still has to get up and open the door, because if Someone does not, then The Purpose may just... go away forever and knock on another door. Leaving you with a purpose you chose.