Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tonight I very briefly outlined a project I have wanted to start writing for awhile now. Got what I wanted in each scene jotted down and it seems like a good start.

Glad to get this down and now time to get started on the first outlined/expanded draft.

I want a 25+ page draft done by the time I start back at school, sooooooo... we'll see what happens.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The AVATAR Experience

I watched my very first IMAX movie today and film will never be the same again.

What James Cameron has done with this work can only be described as genius. It must be seen in IMAX to be fully realized just what he has accomplished.

He created a new world and showed it to this world.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the greatest love affair

"...their days were long, heedless, and full of that amazing laughter that paces the beginning and the run-along rush of any great love affair. They only stopped laughing long enough to kiss and only stopped kissing long enough to laugh at how odd and miraculous it was to find themselves with no clothes to wear in the middle of a bed as vast as life and as beautiful as morning."

-Ray Bradbury

Monday, December 7, 2009

I hate procrastina... (I'll just finish it later)

(post under construction. to be completed four months from now during winter quarter's finals week)


When I procrastinate studying for exams, I do things I have procrastinated doing for the least few months... like writing.

better or worse?

Maybe it was seeing the film Brothers the day before finals week started, or maybe I am just sick of this quarter and want it to be over.

I cannot bring myself to study for my last final, which is accounting, which is tomorrow. But just one more, just one more to go, then I am done for the quarter.

Back to Brothers for just a sec. That is the type of film that reinvigorates me to want to be an actor even more. It had some of the best acting of the year throughout the entire cast, and was such a solid film. Note: To anyone who watches the trailer on apple, trailer 1 is way better. It reminded me of the way films in the past were and films of the current should strive to be more like. There are not to many films out there like Brothers, and that is a shame.

I am so glad I saw it, even though it has sidetracked my thoughts during this finals week. But has it really sidetracked my thoughts, or just focused them even more?

That is the question.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Listen to the words that I speak when I spit
I know how to rhyme
and I know what's shit
I make it so sublime
it's like your takin' a hit
Please know right now, that's what I want just a bit.

I say, I wanna be an actor
You say, I'm no good
I say, Shut up foo! I told you I could
I go back home, everyone's lookin' at me
I say, what you lookin' at? I just wanna be free
To fly so high, and go Where Eagles Dare,
It's that one movie with Clint Eastwood where he gave the Nazis a scare.

I'm 47-0 in overtime, don't you tell me what to say
When I do it like this, I'm undefeated everyday
I could go back home, and cut some hay
But I say, na that's not for me, I do it my own way

I be breakin' down walls
Cause you ain't got the balls,
you ain't got no clue,
you have no idea what it is that I really do

I'm a crying little child,
I'm a mustang in the wild,
I'm Dr. Seuss reincarnate
I say fuck, not darn it
I'm a master of the arts,
I'm a liar with style

You give me your respect, I might just stay for awhile.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I just destroyed that essay.

I do not even care if I get the bonus credit on it anymore.

It is one of the best things I have ever written (the new part I wrote, that is), and even better, it is almost my entire philosophy on my hometown, education, acting, and dreams.

Update 12/6/09: I do care if I get bonus on it, because I am only 2 points from an A! Come on man!


Paper due in t minus 3 hours 29 minutes and unable to write it.

What's wrong with me?!!! Writing is supposed to be my thing, my niche, my bread and butter, my (fill in your own analogy here), but I just cannot seem to do it this time.

It is a Sociology essay about something...

Maybe that is my problem! I don't know what I have to write about, that's why I can't write about it. That makes sense right?

Well anyways procrastination must stop now and I need to finish... I mean START then finish this thing.

But on the flip side of the coin, once this paper is done and I take my test tonight, I'm done with this class for the quarter.