Wednesday, September 21, 2011

getting "it" together

Alright dude... it's time to get your shit together.

Why did you start this blog 3 years ago? Huh?

I can't believe all that time has already passed. I just started my fourth year of college three days ago. Completely crazy.

Right now I am sitting with two of my best friends that I didn't know three years ago. That I didn't know two years ago.

I'm listening to Bruce's The River (Independence Day). Something I had never listened to when this blog started oh so long ago.

Gosh... I'm getting too nostalgic. I'm only 21... so why do I feel so old?

Better question... Why the fuck do I think I even have a clue as to what life is? I'm only 21. But yet... I am 21. There's something in there... somewhere... to take pride in and be hopeful for the future that is yet to come.

And well look, there you have it... me looking back toward the future. The very place this blog started looking at when it was created oh so long ago in the past.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Note: on acting

Never let the costume be louder than the performance.