Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the fork in the road

Originally written on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 12:15am

when you come to a fork in the road which side do you take
how can you every be sure of the right choice you make
you'll never find out when, you'll never find out how, cause you won't find out what to do right now
you wish it would explode like a cannon's blast going POW!
or the waking call of the neighbors dog saying "Bow-WOW!
but that's not going to happen, cause it won't happen here
so you stand there looking, peaking, prying, and weeping, wishing it where clear
you cannot see down the roads and what they hold
you may just have to be like Jason and be bold
start your quest for that golden fleece and do not be slowed
take the first step, down one broken road
and if it is not what you want it to hold
turn back and BEHOLD the one you forgot is made of gold
golden bricks with a tinge of yellow
so do not be melancholy or mellow
and do not ever think to call yourself yellow
you can find the fork again
there is still more you can win
because the forks diverge into another
until you are standing there looking down at the other
the other road not taken, the one they say is forsaken
but you know better, you know what comes with risk
it is not the foreboding tsk-tsk-tsk
but the ever-present sensation that will whisk
you away to a place you've been searching for
one that if people had opened their eyes they could adore
a land most magical, free of frigidness and fright
a place where when the lights go off it is never night
it is there where excite meets delight meets the polite recite of "everything's going to be alright"
it is the fork in the road, the one that you choose
the one you must hold onto with everything and never lose
because when you lose it it's gone and will never return
no matter how long the hours you yearn
it will not come back, so hold onto it tight
and then one day you will see the light
even though it may be slight it will guide you through the ways of right
and wrong, and up and down, and black and white
and you will see that it is none of that, but shades of gray
much to your dismay, people will say "it is just the way"
the way that things stay, but for you, you betray
the current train of thought and question the ones who say "it's this way"
cause you are the one who found the fork in the road and took the first stride
and you did it with pride, you now have the ability to look inside
and see the world for what it really is, but where will you preside?

will you change it?
or will you embrace it?
will you make a difference?
or live in indifference?
will you inspire others to aspire?
or will you aspire to inspire others?
which side will you choose?
cause once again you've reached that fork in the road
you better make a decision before you erode.